Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not feeling like Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, thank goodness. We traveled to Carlsbad, NM to see Felt's grandparents and spent a couple of days in the Super 8 motel. It was really nice to see them and all of the other family members but Andrew really had a hard time. It is difficult for most children to travel during the holidays but especially difficult for Andrew. He relies on structure, and routine and is such a visual person that the traveling to a whole new environment really set him off. He did great in the car and we had lots of laughs every time we sang Jingle Bells and he would laugh out loud. Once we got to the motel and spent time with family he started to cry and whine. It seemed like this lasted for our entire stay and the only thing that made it stop was food or sleep. He did not open any gifts and someone else had to open them for him. It didn't help that the gift we ordered for him did not come in either. Enabeling Devices called 2 days before Xmas to say that the item was back ordered.....I ordered this a month before Christmas. I was pretty frusrated with the company....not like I can just go down to wally world and pick a toy up that would work for him. So, Christmas just didn't seem like Christams. I guess I can look forward to next year. I guess the best part of Christmas was coming home, opening the door to the house and seeing a big smile on his face as he looked at the Christmas tree. He was soo happy to be home and that made everything better!

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