Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Potty Time

First of all, thanks to all of the Rett moms who continue to make comments to this blog. You will never know how encouraging and helpful your words and your own blogs are to me and our family. You are awesome and really inspire me to do more for our Andrew. What a blessing to have your support.

For a long time I have thought that Andrew might never be potty trained and that at the age of 25 I would still be changing his diapers, yuck! When we were in Vegas I decided to get him an M&M candy dispenser for the bathroom to work on potty training. I have sat him on the potty off and on since he was 18 months with little to no luck. I really decided this weekend to aggressively attack the issue and sit him on the potty every hour and rewarding him with candy when he did go. He loved it! On Monday he went all 6 times even when he didn't need to go. He would look at the candy dispenser, look back at me, and then look down and pee-peed. YEA!!!!! He got so excited looking at the potty and candy machine that he fell and hit his head on the tub while we were trying to brush teeth. Now that is excited. So yesterday I decided no more diapers and to just wear pull ups during the day hours. The problem occurred when his attendant came over and suggested that he doesn't do it with her and he has no way to communicate that need to go. I got soooo frustrated and told her nicely that if we get him on a routine scheduled potty time he will get his body adjusted to it and will go. She blew me off and put him in a diaper. You can imagine my frustration with this. He is a smart boy. He may have Rett Syndrome but he is in there and he totally understands what we are asking him to do. He went everytime within 2 minutes of sitting him on the pot. When you are on a roll with something like this you don't want to lose momentum and I really felt like we were losing it yesterday. So, back to square one on the job issue. I am now thinking of going back down to 2 days a week so I can give him more of what he needs. If she doesn't believe in him on this then she probably isn't trying to challenge or help him in other areas including the weight gain. ARG!!!!


Avery said...

maybe a new nurse is in order??? Why would a nurse not have andrews best interest at heart?

WTG Andrew! Keep up the awesome work! You too, MOM! I know exactly what you are talking about with him being in diapers forever--with an autistic son and a rett daughter those thought were very real to me! Cole finally Potty trained this year! :)

abbysworld said...

Thanks for finding us.
There is absolutely no blowing you off. Your way or the highway.
I put Abby on the potty too. First thing in the am, when she gets home from school and after dinner. She almost never has a bm in her diaper.

Natalie said...

I'm so happy for you both - the potty thing is huge. Sorry about the nurse - I hate it when nurses, doctors, (even family sometimes) makes you feel like you are doing the best for your child - of course you know best and care the most! Our prayers are with you each day - Andrew has such a sweet face. Love, Natalie

Karlie Grace said...

Way to go little man and mommy! The m&m's are a wonderful idea and i love that he's catching on so quickly! The attendent's attitude...grrr...she needs to understand that repitition is KEY and putting a diaper back on him would be soo confusing! She's there to take care of HIM and whatever he needs, even if that means putting him on the potty every 15 minutes! Hang in there and keep up the good work :)

Caitlyn said...

How dare that lady have an attitude! You'd think she'd rather put him on the toilet than change his diaper!

We started out our potty journey at about 3 1/2 with timed visits. We introduce a potty switch (hangs on the wall outside the bathroom) about 6 months later. When healthy, Caitlyn is about 80% pee trained. We haven't had quite as much luck with bm's, but it is coming. It is so worth the effort! One thing we started doing is if a pull up is just wet, we change it with her sitting on the toilet. Works great, and it saves our back since she has to be changed on the floor. I hope you can talk sense into the care provider. It is about Andrew, not her!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Way to go Andrew! Potty Training is our summer project :)I wish you BOTH lots of luck - sounds like he is getting the hang of it!!!

Grammy said...

What a good job, Andrew and Mommy! Like Kelly said, that is our goal for this summer....keep up the good work!

Brooklyn's Grammy