Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Whirlwind of Emotions

It has been forever since I have updated all on our family. It has been a year that we have had two precious foster daughters with us and what a year it has been. They have truly changed our lives and Andrew's life in so many wonderful ways. What can I say? We are blessed! Rose is our crazy and outgoing four year old, always nursing Andrew and bringing him out of his room to engage with the family. She is just a mess and makes me laugh so much. With her age comes drama though and wow I do not look forward to teenage years with her. Madison is our baby and we like to call her our "chiquita." She is small and had such health problems for the majority of time she has been in our care. Doctors thought of her as failure to thrive, developmental delay, possible Turner's Syndrome. Nope- she is walking, talking and thriving so well. She may have some learning challenges in her lifetime but she is doing soooo well and we couldn't be happier with this little girl. She is super dramatic too and loves to steal Mom's attention from her siblings. We are in the process of adoption for these two and I can't post pics yet. We were blessed when their parents rights were terminated this summer and while it is very sad it is also a wonderful for these girls. They are a joy and our life is so much fuller because of them.
Andrew is doing well. In March he had surgery for a feeding tube as he completely struggled with losing weight and his ability to chew and swallow. He got to where he was starving right before our eyes. Since March he has gained almost 10 pounds! YEA for the now big boy who is soo tall and really making his mommy sad at how much he has grown. I was just hoping he would stay 2 or 3 forever. He is now in an inclusion class at school that we fought to get for him and he rides the bus to and from school. He just loves it! He will also be getting nursing services soon. This will be an adjustment for him and for us as he has had the same caregiver for almost 2 years. He is really needing a higher level of care due to the feeding tube and this would allow for someone to go with him to and from school and stay with him. Another set of eyes but also a helper for him and I hate it that he has to always have someone but he needs it. We have really gotten use to someone always being in the house for him during the day just not on the weekend. He is still our happy boy, a real angel, smiling and just loving all of us and life everyday. He is like seeing a glimpse of Heaven everyday and I am so thankful for everyday we have with him.
We will have a new arrival in January with our second baby and fourth child, a little girl. Still don't have a name yet but am trying to work on it. We were more overwhelmed with the idea of having another child in the home but as it gets closer we couldn't be more excited about her. So, that makes 3 new children to our family in around 18 months of time. Wow! It is a a bit crazy but I wouldn't chose it any other way. We prayed for so long for God to bless our family with more children and He has!

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Kelly said...

It was so good to read this post and cathch up with your amazing family!!! Hugs to you all!!