Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Babbling Continues!!!!!

Wow! What an exciting morning! Andrew woke up this morning and has continued to babble "dadadadad-duh-duh-duh." I know it may seem silly to some other people but this was so awesome for us. Felt and I imitated him over and over again and watched with excitement. We sat with him in bed and played with him. His attention and eye contact were even better this morning. We called his name and he would turn his face to us. It was really neat to see this and it really brings more hope and faith to us. God has blessed us today! I'm not sure if it is the diet starting to work or the supplements including the probiotics. On days like this you feel like you have to take advantage of every moment and cancel all plans to attend church( bad, bad, bad), wash clothes, grocery shop, etc. Please pray that this spurt of language and communication will continue for Andrew. Thank you God for blessing us today!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there...its Heather Argueta (Jason and Deidre's neighbors). I hope you are doing well. I have spent the better part of my Saturday night reading thru your blog. I found it thru Felt's blog (which was linked from his myspace). Deidre had told us quite some time ago about Andrew, but of course I have now gotten to read what life has been like for your family. I just wanted to let you know that you guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Now, being a parent, I can somewhat understand what a trying, heart-breaking experience this must be to see your sweet Andrew going thru this. I see its been a while since your last post. Hopefully there has been some progress since January.

Well, I just wanted to leave a message. Again, all our love to your family.

The Argueta Family
(Alex, Heather and Isabella)

p.s. Not sure if you knew....but Jason and Deidre are expecting. Due early November.