Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Missing PiecesMark Leland /Tim CalhounMallory Records/Nashvillecopyright 2005

It was a mid December evening,in a room of heavy breathing,
When I looked into my little baby's eyes,
And like the ships that sail the ocean,he had captured my emotions,
and wrapped them up just like a giftat Christmas time,
I thanked the Lord above that he was mine,
I prayed to God that everything was fine,.

And after months we saw him changing,
Nathaniel's speech was rearranging,
So we took him back to see what they could find,
And after ironing out the creases,
They came up with missing pieces,
And they told us that autism's on the rise,
I looked into my little baby's eyes,I
promised him to find the reasons why,

Now I lay him down to sleepI pray the Lord my son could speak,
And make him strong,
where he is weak,
This I ask of You..And just like him,
there's many more,
That need our help to win this war,
Cause who knows what might lay in store,
To help them make it through.

The doctor says, there's so much more to do,
to put the pieces back together,
but it's up to me and you

So now we lay them down to sleep
And pray the Lord they all could speak,
Please make them strong, where they are weak,
This we ask of You..
Cause now we know there's so many more,
That need our help to win this war,
And who knows what might lay in store,
To help them make it through.
Yes, who knows what might lay in store,
The missing piece is me and you...

I found this on one of my emails and it really brought tears to my eyes. Every night I put Andrew down and pray with him that God will make him stronger and will help him to talk. Looking at him lying in bed his little body is so sweet and innocent. Yet I feel so angry looking at him because our family was robbed and it feels like someone took our precious Drew and left only bits and pieces of him. We know God has a plan in this and we continue to pray that God will heal our boy. Somewhere I read that this battle is not a sprint, instead a marathon. We will continue to fight hard!


Steph said...

I caught up on your blog today. I can't help but hear hope in your voice. That is such a powerful thing! I am so glad that you are seeing progress. Though it may be small steps, I know that will help to give you the strength to keep fighting for that precious boy!

TxGadgetDude said...

Just catching up and wanted you guys to know we think and pray for you often. Stay strong and know that you are not alone. Thanks for keeping up with your blog! chris & holly