Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prayers needed

I didn't want to post about this but I know I need to. We had an ARD on Friday and Andrew's one on one aide was removed from the picture. The special ed coordinator made a lot of great arguments as to why he does not need one. I don't want him to have an aide unless necessary and I didn't and still don't know what to feel. I discussed our frustration with a lack of progress being made in school and they suggested summer school as well as a teacher conference regarding goals. I left the ARD crying and feeling like somehow I have let Andrew down, like I didn't try hard enough for him. Ofcourse I could call an ARD meeting anytime and argue with them, I just struggle with knowing if he really needs the assistant. They assured me the ratio in the class will still be 1 teacher or assistant to 2 children and that does make me feel good. We are leaving at 4 tommorrow morning to head for Andrew's aptmt at the Blue Bird Rett Clinic in Houston. We will be their for 2 days for aptmts with neurology, GI, and dentist. Maybe they can help me see things clearer and I just pray that they will be able to help us as I sometimes feel like all the aptmts don't tell us much. As for the job situation, my current position is going to counter offer, so I still don't know what to think, regardless of how much either is willing to pay me. Money isn't everything and I just want Andrew to be ok, which I know he will. Please pray for peace in both situations and for some rest, lately I am feeling a little stressed. I will try to post more when I get to Dallas for my training, and thank you Dad for taking Andrew all the way back to San Antonio, you are the best!


Caitlyn said...

We will of course pray for you guys. I'm all for a 1:1 for our kids...Maybe him not having one will make them realize how much he really needs one!

Good luck at the Blue Bird clinic! I love when we go down to see the specialists in Portland, Or. It is so worth the trip! I'm easily pleased...I like not having to explain what Rett Syndrome is!

Yes, I will be in VA for the conference

Allison said...

I know this must be such a difficult situation to deal with. I pray for peace and wisdom for your family.

I wanted to let you know that I visited the spiritdances blog. She is amazing. To think that she is non-verbal but that she can read and write so eloquently is just awesome...and her music too. I know that she must be such an inspiration to you. So glad I found it, and I'm looking forward to keeping up with her.

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I hope the Blue Bird appointment goes well! Yes, you will be in my prayer and DO NOT feel like you let him down - you are a great mommy! After he is without one they will be able to tell whether it is needed or not. Hang in there!