Friday, July 20, 2007

July 20, 2007

Wednesday was our 4 year anniversary. YEA!! Both of us feel like it has been a lot longer. We celebrated by having dinner at the Grey Moss Inn, a quaint little restaurant located in Grey Moss, TX, just outside SA. It is on a scenic drive in the country and the food was very good. Felt said it reminded him of the Cotswald in the UK. If you ever come this way you should definitely check it out.

Some people have asked why we moved to SA and what we are actually doing here. We moved here for family and jobs. Andrew was pretty sick this past year and we knew that we needed help and a support system. Our family has tried to help us out as much as possible in Dallas but it makes it easier with everyone being here. We are enjoying getting to see our nephew- Jackson and spend more time with all the other family and extended family. Felt works for Southwest Research Institute as a research Engineer in the automotive devision and I will be working for Northside ISD as a speech therapist.

With all the traveling and moving this summer we are in for 2 more trips. The first will be this weekend to Carlsbad, NM for a friend's wedding and the second will be later to Red River, NM for family reunion. Well, gotta get packing- I can't forget the Elmo and Baby Einstein DVDs

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