Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We're Here

We have been in San Antonio for two weeks and are somewhat adjusting to life here. Our sweet brother and sister-in- law have given us space and time to get ourselves together and find a house. After looking at houses for over a week and letting Felt torment realtors with questions we have an offer on a house close to Sea World and hope to close in a couple of weeks. I am not crazy about the house but I think Felt is in love with it. It has 2600 square feet, a large deck in the backyard with a great view and a hot tub. Yea!!! It has lots of space for us and is in good shape for being a 20 year old home. It is also 10 minutes from both of our jobs! We are really excited about that.

Andrew has been going to series of apointments- therapy, evaluations, new doctors, etc. Lots of fun for him! He loves being the center of attention. We have him scheduled to see a neurologist in August and the earliest we could get him into a developmental pedi was in February- yes, Feb., can you believe that? There is such a need for help with kiddos like Andrew. We still have no answers as to why he has regressed in development. His latest speech eval here in town was definitely a hard one. The SLP (speech therapist) made comments like "he had to have been born with something, some condition" and "You haven't taken him to a neurologist before?" I left there feeling guilty and angry. She said a lot of things that I didn't want to hear but that needed to be said. Felt and I are both having a hard time dealing with all of this and the move. We feel frustrated and just heartbroken for Andrew. Although he is not in any physical pain we want the best for him and we want him to be able to play like other kids his age. It's just a hard time right now and it's hard to explain to other people. Even situations where Andrew gets excited and needs deep pressure and will come to someone grab their arm tightly and clench his teeth- it can be a pain trying to explain to each person why he is doing this.

Please pray for us this week. Pray for good and knowledgeable doctors and therapists to work with him, pray for peace with this situation, pray that the house will go through, and pray that God will provide financially for all of this (especially since insurance only covers 20 speech therapy sessions a year). Although I have not updated this blog since Thanksgiving I plan to be writing a lot more. Stay tuned and thanks for everyone's support.

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