Friday, May 15, 2009

Andrew struggles daily to use his hands for every day tasks. I thought I would post some pictures of him working on eating with a fork. We have worked on this for a year now and little progress has been made. I have to hold down his left hand so that he won't wring his hands together and so he can concentrate on picking up the fork. Here he is picking up his fork. Notice the food that gets thrown across the table after he takes a bite and then drops the fork. What a messy eater! This next photo is a picture of the apraxic movements that he has. He thinks he is pulling food off the top of the fork but his hand is not on the fork at all. I couldn't caputre the next moment where he puts his right hand to his mouth thinking that he actually picked up the food when he didn't have anything. He often does this over and over and gets easily frustrated. Hard work for this little boy!

Andrew's class had a field trip to the Children's Museum yesterday. Here are a couple of photos of the kids in his class. He had a good time looking at all the fish and playing with magnets.

Andrew continues to do well with potty training. I am so proud of him. He always goes when we take him and he will even have a BM on the toilet too for us. And we have gotten his attendant to buy into the whole idea. We are all a work in progress. Another yea for our big boy is that he is gaining weight. After taking him off the GFCF diet and introducing the candy for potty time, he has gotten a little tummy. I love that little tummy. Hopefully Dr. Motil will be happy when we see her this summer. Sorry about the layout of this post. I guess I am still learning on how to post pictures.

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Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Keep up the giid work Andrew - on the eating and on the potty training! I love that you are getting a little tummy on you - so will Dr. Motil!!