Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Home Study

Well, we cleaned the house, got paperwork completed and had our home study Wednesday. It was not as easy as I expected. The case workers were here for 4 hours sitting at our breakfast table asking questions. It was really kind of hard. They asked a lot of personal questions and I had to re-tell our story of Andrew's development and diagnosis in detail. When they left I felt exhausted and worn out emotionally. It's easy to tell a quick version of what has happened to Andrew and our familybut when you have to give all the details and talk about everything else in your life it almost feels like a counseling session where they just sit and stare at you. Glad that is over! They asked us about what ages and kind of children we would be willing to take in our home and told us that we would be waiting and it could be 6 months before we got a placement. We were disappointed and at that moment felt like we had done all of this work for nothing. Not nothing though. We know that God has a plan for our family and his plan is perfect. We know that we want to make a difference in the life of a child or children and that it will happen in his time and not ours. It's hard to sit and wait. I'm not a very patient person. As for the children we would take we said any and all races and children that were ages birth to two years. We told them that we would have to think about any children with disabilities or behavioral/emotional problems on a case by case basis and that we were open to that possibility. 80% of children in the foster care system have been sexually abused and because of that statistic we have to be cautious about the age of the child and the level of involvement. The last thing we would want is for a child to act out on Andrew and him not be able to communicate that to us because of his disability. I really think having a brother or sister for Andrew would be great. I have noticed that he is more fussy at home when he is alone than when we have other children in the house. Maybe it's boredom. So, we wait.

This weekend Andrew will be at his grandparents and I will be in Abilene for a girls weekend. I am meeting up with my best girlfriends from college in our college town. We have no set agenda but we will probably sit in our hotel room chatting all day and night. Time flies! It seems like the other day I was sitting with them in our dorm room making Ramen noodles and Mac and cheese. Ah, good times!


Karlie Grace said...

Lol, Ramen noodles seemed to be my main meal in college :) I've been thinking of you and your sweet family and keeping you all in my prayers. I'm glad the home study is behind you, it must have been very draining. Hopefully SOON, your house will be blessed again and i'll just bet that Andrew will LOVE being a big brother!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I hope it does not take too long for your home to be blessed with another child. We will be praying for you! Have fun with your girls weekend, arent' those the best!?!?!