Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend we spent time in Dallas with Felt's family and visitng the Hansen familly. We had a lot of fun visiting Greenville, TX and taking in a game of Rangers vs. Yankees. It was a lot of fun but the Yankees wooped the Rangers. But, the next day the Rangers beat the Yankees. AHH!

Andrew and his Aunt Whitney. He started out with hat and glasses on
sitting down but it got hot and humid quickly and he spent time walking
around with his grandmother.

Here is a photo of Grandad and Uncle Brandon. Grandad always
has his guns up for those Red Raiders. He wishes we were all Texas
Tech fans.

Photo after the game. He has a weird expression but lately
he loves to wrinkle his nose. Silly boy!

He sure loves his Aunt Whitney. What a sweet boy!

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Gabe said...

My dad sure loves to make Guns Up. What's up dad?

That wrinkly nose expression is awesome!

Oh, I didn't know you had a blog....