Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Poll

I had to add a poll to the site. My brother-in-law Gabe, is getting promoted to Major in the Air Force in March. So, we are headed to Vegas for 3 days to see him and attend the ceremony. Felt and I are going back and forth as whether or not to take our Drew-Drew. What do you think? Thanks for the opinions, we need to get our tickets soon.


Lesley said...

Hi! I just came across your blog from Brooklyn's site. Drew is just adorable! I have my own Rett girl(officially undiagnosed, but whatever....) She is 12. I would say to leave him at home if you have someone you really trust. He's had so many changes lately. But if there really is no one that fits then take him, because safety always comes first :)

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Hey! I saw your queation on my blog - yes the seat comes in blue :) Here is the link:

Karlie Grace said...

Have you decided yet? Does he do ok staying with others and do you have someone you trust enough for 3 days? A few days away with the hubby would be soo nice but we can't leave home without ours?!